Update, 3/24/20, 1:05 PM

Dear Members, 

It is amazing how much our daily lives have changed in the course of just a few days. The Courthouse team is working from home, but we are still working together to offer simple and fun fitness solutions in this unique situation we find ourselves in.

We are also doing our very best to respond quickly to your questions about your membership and the well-being of our employees. We will bill as usual for April dues, with the goal of returning to full operation soon.  At the point we reopen, we will offer credits-on-account to compensate for lost days of membership value.

You may be surprised to learn that about 70% of our monthly costs of operation will continue during this closure.  We cannot, therefore, accommodate a large number of members freezing or cancelling. If you are able, we humbly ask that you stick with us.  We will make sure you receive full value for your dues in an orderly fashion after this is over.

We recognize some of you are scrambling for your own financial wellbeing, just as much as we are.  If that's the case, we want to help. We are currently processing resign and freeze requests HERE for those who are over the age of 70, pregnant, experiencing medically compromising factors, or have lost their job.  

In terms of our employees, please understand that we are doing everything we can to help them.  Most importantly, we want to give them a workplace to come back to, after we beat this thing.  Here are a few details if you care to know more.

  • A large number of our employees work 3-6 hours per week in the various programs we run.  And yes, with all programs shut down, those people are not working for now.

  • We have retained as many full-time staff as possible, but we did not want to prevent someone from filing for unemployment benefits immediately if this crisis drags on.

We are also planning to use this down time to do some facility improvements that were planned for the summer.  Our goal is that you come back to a better club than you left, and we avoid disruptions when the club is busy this summer.

Our mindset is to stay the course until we can get a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel, and begin planning to reopen.  Thanks for hanging in there with us. We truly appreciate your support during this time. 

In Health, 

John Miller and the team at Courthouse Club Fitness

Update, 3/20/20, 6:40 PM

Dear Members,

Over the last few days, we have been trying to balance caution with service. In my 40 year career with Courthouse, I've never received more encouragement from members than I have regarding our response to the COVID-19 situation.

Thus far, striking that balance has resulted in closing down about 80% of our operation, but leaving open the option for members to do individual workouts in the club. However, I have concluded that additional caution is now required, and we must close the clubs completely for the time being.

We will be closing all five of our clubs this evening, March 20, at 8:00 PM. At this time, we intend to reopen April 6 at 5:00 AM.

Despite our physical doors being closed, Courthouse is still here to serve you. I can promise you that Laurie and I will remain active over the next couple of weeks, and we challenge you to join us. We will be offering a live class each day at 9:00 AM through Instagram Live. Those same workouts will be saved on IGTV if you can't make the live class. Our team is also working on a series of Silver & Tai Chi workouts to share. We have been overwhelmed by the support of our Group Instructor team as they have stepped up, ready to teach your favorite classes from home. To see our daily schedule and find a link to our social platforms, click HERE.

Our trainers will continue to provide clients with workouts, and we've got other fun ideas in store to engage you and your family during this time.

Thank you for your continued support. We're going to get through this.


John Miller
Courthouse Club Fitness