Group Exercise Is Better Than Riding Alone

No other gym in Salem and Keizer offers as many cycling group exercise classes as Courthouse. Group Ride is a 60-minute outdoor cycling experience brought indoors. You’ll experience the rolling hills, the steep climbs, and the straightaways. You will race, roll, and climb. You’ll burn fat, burn calories, become more lean and be able to do what you want, when you want.

Group Ride is perfect poor-weather training for all endurance athletes. In an hour of Group Ride, you’ll experience every terrain you would see during a long cycling race, tour, or triathlon. You control how intensely you work out simply by adjusting the resistance on your stationary bike. The interval training in Group Ride is a perfect off-season training tool for triathletes, distance runners, or anyone looking to become leaner, stronger, and more fit.

Sustained cardio burns fat. Interval training, in a group exercise class with great instructors and upbeat music, will help you demolish hundreds of calories while toning and strengthening your legs, glutes, and core.

Courthouse is a gym for everyone. Group Ride is just one of many group exercise classes we offer to help you, no matter who you are, reach your goals.