Water Ex

You don’t have to experience pain when you work out.

You want to see results. In Water Ex at Courthouse, you can see results while going easy on your joints.


Water Ex is 60 minutes of low-impact movements, using water for resistance. Water Ex is perfect for new exercisers and conditioned athletes, as well as those looking to keep training while giving their joints a much needed break.

The pool, at Courthouse, is for more than swimming laps. The pool is a place full of friends, all working out to great music and an energetic Instructor. The pool could be the place where you burn fat, gain strength and flexibility, recover from injury. It could be where you have fun exercising.

Participants do not need to be practiced swimmers.


Are you interested in trying out Water Ex for yourself. We have a three-week Training Experience trial so you can experience Water Ex and all of our other Training formats.