Yoga at Courthouse will make you feel better.

We want you to leave Courthouse refreshed. It is as simple as that.

Yoga: Mixed Level

Whether you are an experienced yogi or just interested in seeing what the hype is about, you’ll fit right in to Mixed Level Yoga. The classes are structured to build heat within your body while working through classic asanas and breathing techniques to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. Our multidimensional approach will make you stronger on the outside and calmer on the inside. Intensity can vary by instructor.

Power Yoga

If you’re looking to sweat and be challenged both physically and mentally, this is your class. Strengthen and enliven your body through challenging poses with fewer rest periods. The selected poses will work out your entire body and are designed to compliment any sport or fitness goal. Walk in excited and walk out accomplished.

Gentle Yoga

This gentler, more customized class allows you to respect the needs of your body while you become more flexible, balanced, and strong. Instructors offer modifications and options that help make poses comfortable while maintaining a certain amount of intensity. Blocks, bolsters, and blankets are encouraged.

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga was created for those new to yoga, experiencing pain and/or recovering from injury, or for those who enjoy or want additional support. The chair can be used at little or as often as your body likes. This class focuses on building muscular strength, increasing lung capacity and improving balance. If getting up and down from the floor is limiting, this is your class.