it's a lifestyle

Here at Courthouse, we’re more than just a gym. Within our five club locations we offer hundreds of opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, participate in physical activities that improve life outside of the club, and enjoy all the benefits that come with a fitness routine. 

In 2023, you will see this concept of “It’s a lifestyle” make an appearance on social media and in marketing campaigns. As a Courthouse employee, we want YOU to be part of Lifestyle Campaign. Spend a few minutes answering the questions below, which include: your job title at Courthouse, why you personally teach or take classes/participate in a regular fitness routine, and any activities you participate in outside the club (think surfing, skiing, coaching, disc golft, etc). Just for fun, please include a motivational quote that speaks your love language – the cornier/funnier, the better! 

We will be doing a photo opportunity on Friday, November 11 from 10 AM to 12:30 PM. If you can make it during that time, we would love it! If not, contact Jess at to schedule a time to swing by corporate for a photo. If you have any sort of activity “prop” we would love for you to bring it with you (for reference: Melissa Malone brought her paddle board today)! 

To give you a little inspiration, here is a sample of what we’re looking for.

My Name: Jess Edmiston 

My Title: Communications Director 

Why I teach & train at Courthouse: I can be pretty competitive so I love to push my class to work towards their maximum effort in each R30 class, while still being encouraging and fun.

What do I participate in outside of the club: I am a crazy sports mom who loves to watch my kids play all the sports (go Dallas Dragons)!  I also chase my chickens and goats around my five acres, work in my garden, and take my yellow lab Tucker on country runs. 

My Motivational Quote: Be Better.

Think about active hobbies (if you have them): Kayaking, SUP'ing, hiking, coaching, running, etc...
Your quote can be heartfelt, clever, super dorky, or funny! We're looking for some flavor here!
I would be willing to have my photo taken and share this information with members(Required)