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Courthouse Media Request

Please use the form below to request any printed & digital media. To streamline the process, we’ve come up with a few simple rules to follow when making a request. If you have any questions, or have an immediate need, please contact Jess Edmiston at jessicae@courthousefit.com or 503.949.9588.

Details, Details, Details

Seriously, Give Us All the Info! The more information you include in your request, the easier it becomes for our team to create effective media.

Timing is Everything

Good Things Take Time! Make sure to give us at least 10 days notice for smaller projects, and 4-6 weeks for larger projects, programs, or events.

Stay in Your Lane

We’re Good at the Creative Process! Your job is to provide a great experience. Our job is to give you the tools you need to do so. Trust us with art and design picks.

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