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Welcome To The Courthouse Family!

Congratulations on your new Courthouse Membership! We’re excited for you to visit the club and complete your Starting Point with a trained Fitness Coach. You can schedule your Starting Point right now by using our online chat function below. During your appointment, your fitness coach will make sure you have the tools you need for a successful Courthouse experience! 

Finalize Your Membership Details

Let’s Take Care of Business! Your Fitness Coach will take your photo and get you set up on the Courthouse App so you can start using the club on your own.

Discuss Your Goals and Create a Routine

We Want to Get to Know You! Spend time with your Fitness Coach outlining your goals, assessing potential obstacles, and creating a routine that works for you.

Learn About Courthouse Amenities

We’ve Got a Lot to Offer! Courthouse has something for everyone. Learn more about the amenities, programs, and activities going on in our five area locations.

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