With our Group Training Membership, you get unlimited access to all of our great Group Training formats. As well as access to all five locations in Salem and Keizer.

A $45 Group Training option is available at our Lancaster location. 

You have goals. Now you have a team to help you reach those goals.

You can get into Spartan or Ignite.

Squad Training Membership $180
Our Head Trainers will design workouts to meet the unique needs of three to seven clients training together.

Kids Memberships
(When added to a parent’s membership account.)

  • Ages 8 and under: $120/year (rolls into $13 per month)
  • Ages 9 – 11: $160/year (rolls into $15 per month)
  • Ages 12-14: $220/year (rolls into $20 per month)
  • Ages 15-17: $280/year (rolls into $25 per month)
  • If youth are establishing their own account, regular membership prices apply.

Silver & Fit® & SilverSneakers through Courthouse

Silver & Fit® & SilverSneakers® is a third party company that links insurance companies to exercise facilities. Through Silver and Fit® & SilverSneakers® we provide eligible members with a basic Courthouse Membership. Classes may be added to your basic membership for an additional fee.


On the 1st of April, each member will be charged an Annual Facility Enhancement Fee of $36.