Through directional cueing of a skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable trainer, clients will move through a classical systematic integrative approach to training. Working on a variety of Pilates Apparatuses to gain strength and stability through the whole body in 55 minutes.


Clients are given the opportunity to train one-on-one with one of our experienced and knowledgeable trainers. These sessions provide clients a very foundational, integrative and is tailored to the individual’s goal and ideal success. Recommended for those working through special circumstances, injuries, and/or postural deviations.


Train in a Duet or Trio with a knowledgeable trainer. These sessions provide clients a very focused, attentive and goal-oriented through the systematic progression of the Pilates Apparatus training.


In 45 minutes, learn to utilize the Reformer, Springboard, or Gentle Barre in a small group to improve flexibility, muscular strength, explosiveness and mind-body awareness. Ideal for those who have completed a consultation, studio trial, or have worked one on one. Try a class today and find out why and how to utilize the whole-body to it’s full efficiency.


This apparatus class allows clients to workout in unison with one another as the instructor guides the class through a workout with limited hands on assistance. Clients will progress together as a group. Maximum capacity 6 clients per class.

Gentle Barre

Strengthen focus, grace, and balance through this full-body workout that includes some standing at the Barre and some sitting at a chair. Allowing clients to work alongside each other. Clients progress together, but can also be tailored to specific needs. Max capacity 7 clients per class.


Stretch and strengthen your body while using the Pilates Springboard. This class offers a full-body workout that includes core-strengthening and lower and upper body strengthening and stretching. Pilates equipment is unique, using spring resistance that may be customized to provide an invigorating workout. Maximum capacity 7 clients per class.


Barre is a unique blend of Pilates Mat and Ballet Barre work done in 55 minutes. Using ballet technique, calisthenics, and resistance training, Barre will target hips, glutes, thighs, and calves. On the mat, we honor the integrity and methodology of Joseph Pilates. Our goal is to provide a safe way to move dynamically, build strength and stamina, along with increasing our balance and flexibility. Max capacity 9 clients per class.