The best place to begin your fitness journey.

Team Training Membership ($130/month)

Up to 12 people led by a certified Team Trainer. 

Sometimes the hardest part of beginning a fitness journey is knowing what to do.

Most of us don’t have time to research how to combine balance, strength, cardio, range-of-motion, and fun in an hour.

Ignite is a time-saver. And since it is the place that many have turned away from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy (and fun, energetic, free, adventuresome) life, it’s a bit of a lifesaver too.

Ignite Weekly Training Sessions

BC: T/Th at 9:30 AM, 5:30 PM, 7:00 PM

West: T/Th at 9:00 AM5:30 PM

Lancaster: T/T at 10:00 AM6:30 PM

South: T/Th at 10:00 AM5:30 PM

Keizer: MW at 9:00 AM, T/Th at 6:00 PM


Are you interested in trying out Ignite for yourself? We have a three-week Training Experience trial so you can experience Spartan and all of our other Training formats.