Ever have trouble staying motivated?  We can handle that for you.

Spartan Training will give you the most challenging, most intense, and most complete workout possible in thirty minutes.

Don’t spend any more time browsing magazines and websites for workout plans. Never spend another workout alone, trying to talk yourself into another rep, another set, or another lap.

Let us plan a great workout for you. High intensity. Low duration. Big results. 

Break up the routine. Break through the plateau. Break away from boring workouts.

Weekly Spartan Sessions

Battle Creek: M/W/F at 5:00 AM5:45 AM5:30 PM

West: M/W/F at 5:30 AM6:15 AM9:00 AM9:45 AM12:00 PM5:30 PM6:15 PM

Lancaster: M/W at 7:15 PM, Friday at 5:30pm, T/TH at 12:00pm, Saturday at 9:30AM

South: M/W/F at 6:15 AM and 6:00 PM

Keizer: M/W at 5:00 PM5:45 PM, Friday at 5:30 PM


Are you interested in trying out Spartan for yourself. We have a three-week Training Experience trial so you can experience Spartan and all of our other Training formats.