Zults FAQ

When is Zults?

The 2019 Zults challenge will run from April 12th - May 10th. We will kick off the challenge at our Zults Expo on Friday, April 5th and you can see your results at The Finish Line on Friday, May 10th.

How do I compete in Zults?

The first thing you’ll need to do is join a supportive team. During Zults you will compete in weekly challenges to earn points, enjoy a weekly meal plan that focuses on clean food, and complete weekly workouts with your team to burn extra calories! We think you’ll even have a little bit of fun along the way.

I don’t have a team, how do I join one?

When you register, select “I don’t have a team” and we will connect you with one based on when you want to work out.

How much does it cost?

Early Bird: Members $79, Non-Member $129, Training Clients $39
After March 22: Members $89, Non-Member $139, Training Clients & Staff $49

I have food allergies/preferences, can I still do Zults?

Yes! There are many substitutions you can make and our team is happy to help you come up with a menu that works for you.

Do I have to have a smartphone?

Yes! The MakeMe app is used to track points, encourage your team, and participate in weekly challenges.

How do I earn weekly points?

Zults has its own mobile app to make earning points, connecting with your team, and talking with your leader easy. You'll earn points by going to class or training, following your meal plan, logging your food, water, and rest, and completing some surprise challenges.

Do I earn points for change to body composition?

You'll get points for each 1% of body fat your team loses during Zults. Follow your personalized plan, practice the "Fit Five", and you will see change: less fat and more lean mass. The average participant loses around six pounds of fat! 

What is the Fit Five?

The Fit Five are the five basic principles centered around Zults success: Eat Real Food, Sweat, Drink Water, Rest, and 90/10 (eating healthy 90% of the time and allowing for some splurges 10%).