Simple, Delicious Coffee!
Fun Environment!

At Courthouse, we believe fitness should be simple and fun. We think the same should be true with coffee.

Simple, clean, local ingredients in drinks crafted by friendly, fun baristas.

Hands holding berries.
Freshly roasted from Newberg’s Caravan Coffee
Clean, simple ingredients
Delicious teas and other caffeine-free beverages
Person pouring cream in their coffee
Relax, unwind, and connect in our modern, comfortable space
Fast, friendly service for a perfect post-workout drink
Easy online ordering for those on-the-go
Two people smiling posing for a photo
Connect with your community of exercisers
Take an extra moment for yourself after your workout
Grab your favorite drink after your workout and before your workday

Fuel Your Day at Our Open-Door Coffee Shop!

Need a caffeine boost before your workout or just passing by? Our in-club coffee shop is open to everyone, not just club members. Whether you’re gearing up for an intense session or simply in the mood for a quality brew, our doors are always open.

If you ever found yourself thinking, ‘Where are the best coffee shops near me?’ Look no further! Dive into our menu and let the invigorating flavors energize your day. Everyone’s welcome to experience the rich taste, whether you’re lifting weights or lifting cups!
M-F: 5:30am-10pm
Weekends: 7am-8pm
M-F: 5:30am-10pm
Weekends: 7am-8pm
M-F: 5:30am-10pm
Weekends: 7am-8pm
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