Battle Creek Remodel Update: 4/29/2024

The major construction project at the Battle Creek Courthouse continues. Our trusted partners at Kaufman are doing great work, mostly with demolition efforts in the men’s and women’s locker rooms.

You may hear significant noise in the next few weeks, especially in both group exercise rooms. Demolition work ends each day around 3:00 PM.

Notice to all Battle Creek members. The entire Battle Creek Club location will be closed on June 3rd. We plan to reopen the Club on June 17th.

We will add group classes, swim lessons, and training sessions at the South River Road Club during the closure. The updated schedules will be viewable by May 15th.

The closure will allow the Kaufman crew to make significant progress on demolition, guarantee member safety, and help the project finish on time.

Again, all other Club locations will be open and ready to welcome Battle Creek members during this time and will adapt our class and training sessions to accommodate. We appreciate your patience and understanding. We will continue to provide information and updates on the project as it proceeds.

Thank you!

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