Salem Pickleball Tournament Success at Courthouse

We had a blast at our first-ever Pints and Paddles pickleball tournament.

Salem pickleball tournament at West Salem Courthouse Club Fitness, Pints and Paddles.

On April 5th, Courthouse hosted our first pickleball tournament at our West Salem location. Within two divisions (Beginners and Intermediate/Advanced), we had 24 teams, plus more participants who took advantage of our complimentary Intro To Pickleball lesson.

Courthouse Parties and Event Coordinator Camryn Alves said, “Pints and Paddles was such a fun event! I believe that the success of the event is solely due to the members that came together and the love that is shared for the sport.”

Alves contributes much of the success of the event to the energetic and welcoming Courthouse pickleball community.

“We had volunteers in the morning, who knew they weren’t going to be able to play but poured their heart and soul into the beginners – teaching them how to serve, how to call the score, and giving incredibly helpful tips and tricks. This was so supportive to the beginners division as many were playing this sport for the first time ever.”

Drinks and lunch were provided by local partners Xicha Brewing and Oregon Beverage Service.  

Alves looks forward to hosting more pickleball events and tournaments in the future as the Courthouse pickleball community continues to grow.

“I am really excited to have more Pickleball tournaments in the future here at Courthouse. I cannot wait to see more people fall in love with the sport in front of my eyes and see the happiness stretch from ear to ear on all the players as they are participating in the event, whether it be enjoying some food on the sidelines, cheering a friend on, or playing within the tournament.”

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