Drew Baker Discovers His Club

From Courthouse President Drew Baker…

I was raised on the Western Christian high school campus, which meant I had unlimited access to a basketball court. Basketball was my favorite sport, so I played it as often as possible–organized teams, random pick-up times, and games of HORSE and knock-out. After I graduated high school, I got a job at the front desk at Courthouse and continued to play as much as I could. 

But by age 25, I already had three kids and a position with more responsibility and time commitments at Courthouse. My days of playing basketball were behind me. 

Or so I thought. 

As the world reopened in 2020, I was more anxious than ever to find ways to do stuff. I needed to make something happen. So I texted every friend I had (and even some basic strangers) and started a new group of older guys (mostly dads) who run the court at least two to three times a week. The group of thirty or so players has changed over time, but the game has been running consistently for almost four years. 

On that same group text thread, we half-jokingly confirm the next day’s game by saying,, “Ball Is Life.” 

Why do I tell you this? Even though I joke that the ball is life, the real value of this four-year experience has my community with my fellow players. Human connection is life. A study out of UC Berkeley states that “ social connection is so hard-wired into human behavior that it makes sense that our relationships (or lack thereof) significantly influence our well-being. In fact, connection and community can be just as important to physical and mental health as exercise and healthy eating.”

I’m a part of many small “clubs” within the larger Courthouse Club. I’m in an Old Dude Basketball Club, a Cycling Club, a Squash Club, a Weigh Lifting Club, and more. Wherever community exists and people are connecting, that is a Club, and it is immensely valuable. 

I’m most proud of one of the things we do here at Courthouse: We facilitate clubs, which are how people get and stay connected. 

If you need to discover your club, we can help. 

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