How Emily Hannah Found Confidence at the Gym

When you discover your Club, you discover your confidence at the gym and whole new way to live.

“I planned to just hide in the treadmills.” Emily discovers confidence at the gym through community.

After Emily Hannah delivered her second child, she dealt with intense postpartum depression. Her therapist recommended among other treatments, joining a gym and making exercise a part of her daily routine. She was ready to try anything, but did not have confidence at the gym.

“I took her advice, but I was still nervous to walk into a gym,” says Emily. “I had never considered myself a gym person and lacked a lot of confidence. I planned to just hide in the treadmills and not talk to anyone.”

She thought her mental health may improve, but only at the high cost of low energy and sore muscles. “The opposite turned out to be true!”

Emily Hannah discovered her confidence at the gym and wants everyone to join her!

“I had more energy than ever…” Emily discovers confidence at the gym through guidance.

Emily joined just before the start of Courthouse’s regular fitness challenge, 31YOU. 31YOU incentavizes members to move consistently, improve their eating habits, and jump into one Courthouse two training formats, Spartan and Performance.

“Training is where I discovered I actually was a gym person,” says Emily. Her experience with Trainers and other members dramatically increased her confidence at the gym.

“When I first started, I couldn’t do a push-up,” she says. “But they had a step-by-step plan for me and slowly and surely I continued to improve, get stronger, and find my confidence.”

And rather than losing energy, Emily actually gained it by consistently moving. “I have more energy than ever now that I’m exercising. I can chase my two boys and even find myself thinking of new ways we can all be outside together, having adventures. I would never have done that before!”

“Gym time is my time.”

“As the parent of NICU baby, you are very terrified to even let them leave the house,” says Emily. “So, when I thought about trusting my kids with the staff in Kid’s Court, I was pretty nervous.”

It was vital for Emily, though, to have time she could devote to improving her own health. And even though she was nervous to let them go, Emily’s two kids are actually eager for their time in Kid’s Court. “Once we get there, they both say peace out, Mom and run in,” she says.

“I know how scared and nervous I was,” Emily recalls. “But now I am always trying to get to where I am, because I feel so good and I want to everyone to feel that way.”