How We Make Fitness Simple

People avoid confusion. That’s why Courthouse embraces simple fitness.

How do we eliminate the guesswork for living a healthy life? How do we make fitness simple?

When fitness is simple, Courthouse members succeed.

At Courthouse, we have what we call our company’s one-liner. It is a short phrase staff at all levels of the business can quickly recount. It goes something like this…

“Everyone wants to look and feel great, but following an exercise is hard. We make fitness simple and fun so you can reach your goals.”

The benefits of exercise are obvious. Improved overall health. Lowered risk of disease and injury. Better energy, mood, and mental health. But, for many, fitness seems complicated.

Should I start with cardio and go straight to the weight room? Do I need to exercise everyday? For how long? How much rest do I need? What diet should I follow?

For anyone starting a fitness journey (or even for experienced exercisers) the sheer volume of fitness and lifestyle advice is overwhelming. Good habits either stall out or never start because everything looks so complicated.

So, how do we make fitness simple?

  • We make it simple to show up. The hardest part of any workout is often the drive to the gym. At Courthouse, we make fitness simple by creating spaces, programs, and classes members are excited to be at. We place smiling faces near the front door, supportive staff in each Club, and energetic group exercise instructors in each class.
  • We make it simple to get a great workout…every time. Exercising alone seems simple, but it is actually enormously complicated for most people. Most of us do not have the time to come up with our own workout routines and do not want to be buried with advice from internet fitness gurus. That’s why our gym focuses so much on guided exercise through our dozens of group classes and small-group training formats. We keep it simple: show and follow long. Amazing workout guaranteed.
  • We make it simple to try new gym activities. We encourage consistency. But once our members establish an exercise routine, we then encourage variety. Courthouse Club Fitness makes high-variety fitness simple by offering so many mini-Clubs. Jump into pickleball. Go for a swim. Take yoga, Power, or R30. Challenge yourself in Spartan or Performance.

We believe people avoid things (even good things) when they become too complicated, which is why we make fitness simple.

Since 1977, Courthouse Club Fitness has been the home for simple and fun in Salem and Keizer. Our five health club locations serve thousands of individuals and families living all around the Willamette Valley, with high-quality, welcoming facilities and programs like pools, childcare, swimming lessons, strength equipment, sauna and steam rooms, jiu jitsu, coffee, and the widest selection of group exercise classes of any gym in the area.

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